Your Chicken Questions Answered by a Veterinarian. Honest and Practical Advice

Hi I'm David Cameron - A passionate chicken enthusiast

For as long as I can remember, I wanted to be a veterinarian. I have always loved animals and was always bringing home strays.

My love of animals let me to veterinary school. After graduating I was an equine veterinarian for 40 years in Central Florida until I retired recently.

While most of my patients have been the four legged kind. I have always held a passion for chickens and quail. This interest has grown since we moved to North Carolina after my retirement. is where I document everything my wife and I have learned about raising chickens over the last 40 years, from choosing which hens to buy to the various chicken diseases we have encountered over the years.

We have put everything we have researched and learned on this site and we hope you find it useful.

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Light sussex chickens
Marans Chickens
Jersey giant chickens
Easter Egger Chickens
Ameraucana Chickens
Cream Legbar Chickens
What Can Chickens Not Eat
can chickens eat apples
can chickens eat tomatoes
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