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Hi I’m David Cameron – a passionate chicken enthusiast.

For as long as I can remember, I wanted to be a veterinarian. I have always loved animals and grew up with a menagerie of them. My mom was sick of me forever bringing home strays and injured birds.

My love of animals led me to veterinary school. After graduating I  was an equine veterinarian in Alachua, central Florida for over 40 years until I retired a few years ago.

While most of my patients have been four-legged I have always held a passion for chickens. This interest has grown since we moved to North Carolina after retirement.

Collecting eggs, changing the bedding, and treating the chickens became a regular part of our lives.

But for someone who’s never had chickens, this can be quite a confusing ordeal, which is why I have created, to help out anyone new to raising chickens with some simple tips and tricks to make keeping these incredible birds a little less of a handful. is where I document everything my wife and I have learned about raising chickens over the last 40 years, from choosing which hens to buy to what surface you should keep your chickens on, we put everything we’ve learned on this site.

This site is all about answering common questions about keeping hens as well as extinguishing misconceptions. Everything on is based on personal experience combined with research.

I have noticed over the last ten years or so that many people are looking for their answers on the internet rather than through books or vets. Much of the information I see is incorrect and misguided – some of it is fabulous but it can be very hard to differentiate…

I have read countless books, articles and studies to develop my own opinions and knowledge outside of what you usually find on the internet. I will endeavor to do my best to give you the most up to date information and recommendations.

I am currently living in North Carolina with my wife, Elly, two dogs, one cat, 7 chickens, and 6 quail.  if there is an area you have questions on, please use me contact me page to get in touch.

Picture of David Cameron with chicken
Cindy the Plymouth Rock Chicken
David and wife Elly
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