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Can You Keep Chickens And Turkeys Together?

Can you keep chickens and turkeys together

The benefit of homesteading is that you have the opportunity to raise meat for yourself in a way that you deem suitable. Homesteaders usually “diversify” their production by growing various crops and keeping multiple animal species to meet different needs. So can you keep chickens and turkeys together? It’s definitely possible for both hens and … Read more

Chicken Egg Shell Problems You Must Know About And How To Fix Them

chicken egg shell problems

If you have only ever purchased eggs, you have probably only seen perfectly uniform eggs in each tray. Smooth, evenly-colored, hard shells all lined up, every egg clean and neatly presented. It can therefore be a shock to find misshapen or blood-stained eggs inside your chicken coop. You may even occasionally come across an entirely … Read more

Do Chickens Need Grit and Ground Oyster Shells?

Do Chickens Need Grit and Ground Oyster Shells

Yes, chickens do need grit in order to digest their food properly. Without grit, chickens would not be able to eat many of the things that they need to survive. Unlike most animals, chickens do not have teeth to assist them in breaking down food into smaller, more digestible sizes. In addition, unlike other animals with … Read more

Do Chickens Lay More Eggs With A Rooster?

Do Chickens Lay More Eggs With A Rooster

Whether you have recently acquired some backyard chickens as pets or are looking to start your own egg-selling business, you may be wondering do chickens lay more eggs with a rooster present. Before you decide whether you want to get yourself a new and natural morning alarm clock that will undoubtedly annoy your neighbors, you … Read more

Do Chickens Attract Rats and Mice?

Do Chickens Attract Rats and Mice

Backyard chickens are a growing trend, but homeowners’ associations are notorious for not allowing them. The most common justification for the ban is that chickens attract vermin, such as rats. Those in areas where backyard chickens are popular admit that mice and rats can become a problem from time to time. But attracting rats can … Read more

Is Keeping Chickens Cost Effective?

Is Keeping Chickens Cost Effective

On the surface, most farming activities seem to make financial sense, and great profits can be made. Farming chickens is one such venture that seems easy to manage and save money by ultimately becoming food self-sufficient. As with all proposals you may hear, it is important first to weigh up the possible downsides. While keeping … Read more

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