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Why Does My Chicken Coop Smell? How to Keep Your Chicken Coop From Smelling Bad

Why Does My Chicken Coop Smell

Many chicken keepers ask a question that concerns them greatly: why their chicken coop smells so bad? The bad smell is usually an ammonia smell. It’s essential to respond quickly if you smell ammonia because inhaling ammonia is dangerous to your chickens’ health. The smell in a chicken coop is often caused by ammonia. This is because … Read more

How Much Space Do Free Range Chickens Need?

How much space do free range chickens need

One common question that people have about chickens is how much space they need. After all, chickens need to be able to move around and stretch their legs, right? Well, the answer is a bit more complicated than a simple yes or no. Free-range chickens need more space than chickens that are confined to a … Read more

How to clean a chicken coop?

Cleaning a chicken coop can seem a simple and straight forward task however it’s easy to miss certain aspects when cleaning that can lead to a world of problems. In this article, we’ll be sharing with you the quickest and most effective method to clean your chicken coop. The principles we’ll be discussing should help … Read more

Do chicken coops need windows

A common question that has many misconceptions and myths surrounding the subject is; do chicken coops need windows? The short answer is yes, chicken coops should have windows. In this article we’ll be discussing the advantages of having windows, the implications that can occur when there not present, discussing myths about how light affects hens … Read more

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