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How Do Chickens Lay Eggs?

How Do Chickens Lay Eggs

“How do chickens lay eggs?” is a common question encountered by anyone who has kept hens without a rooster. It’s easy to laugh, but given chicks do come from eggs, the question isn’t widely off the mark. Also, as more of the global population lives in cities, humans have become less knowledgeable about where and … Read more

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How Are Chickens Eggs Fertilized?

How Are Chickens Eggs Fertilized

Maybe you want to raise some fluffy little chicks for your flock or to sell. Perhaps you’ve heard that fertilized eggs make healthier eating. Either way, you’ve got a rooster, and you’re not afraid to use him. But now you’re wondering how it is that chickens’ eggs are fertilized. After all, you don’t need a … Read more

How Do I Keep My Chickens Laying Year Round In 8 Ways

Winter is the annual R&R season for chickens. The shorter days signal their bodies to take a break and save energy so they can be in mint condition to get back into the swing of things when spring rolls around again. Of course, this means a dramatic reduction in the number of eggs they produce, … Read more

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How Often Do Chickens Lay Eggs? The Answer May Shock You

How Often Do Chickens Lay Eggs

Chickens are living creatures, so unlike tic-tac dispensers, their ability to pop out beautifully formed, healthy eggs are governed by their body’s natural cycle. How often do chickens lay eggs is the result of a complex recipe that includes factors like genetics, feed, age, stress, and even the weather. Many people assume that if you … Read more

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Can You Keep Chickens And Turkeys Together?

Can you keep chickens and turkeys together

The benefit of homesteading is that you have the opportunity to raise meat for yourself in a way that you deem suitable. Homesteaders usually “diversify” their production by growing various crops and keeping multiple animal species to meet different needs. So can you keep chickens and turkeys together? It’s definitely possible for both hens and … Read more

Chicken Egg Shell Problems You Must Know About And How To Fix Them

chicken egg shell problems

If you have only ever purchased eggs, you have probably only seen perfectly uniform eggs in each tray. Smooth, evenly-colored, hard shells all lined up, every egg clean and neatly presented. It can therefore be a shock to find misshapen or blood-stained eggs inside your chicken coop. You may even occasionally come across an entirely … Read more

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